RITE session on Internet Latency at EuCNC 2015

A special session on Reducing Internet Latency will be arranged by RITE at the upcoming European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2015) in Paris. The special session will be held on Tuesday June 30 before lunch and will feature four paper presentations:

  • Internet Latency: Causes, Solutions and Trade-offs
  • Reducing Transport Latency using Multi-path Protocols
  • Evaluation of Priority Scheduling and Flow Starvation for Thin Streams with FQ-CoDel
  • Coupled Congestion Control for WebRTC

All paper are authored by RITE researchers, with contributions from in total seven RITE partners.

EuCNC brings together the worldwide research and innovation community in the strategic domain of communication networks and systems, reaching to services and applications. It is an important meeting point and an excellent opportunity for RITE to disseminate some of the project results. Today there are more and more applications and scenarios where low latency is critical and reducing latency for the benefit of Internet users thus constitutes a key challenge for the networking community over the coming years. We hope that the special session will not only present recent solutions for reducing Internet latency to conference attendees, but also help spur further research in this area.