Journal papers

Title Author(s) Venue
Assessing LEDBAT’s Delay Impact Ros, D. Welzl, M. IEEE Communication Letters
Workshop report: Reducing internet latency, 2013 Ford, M. Computer Communication Review
An Evaluation of Tail Loss Recovery Mechanisms for TCP Rajiullah, M. Hurtig, P. Brunstrom, A. Petlund, A. Welzl, M. Computer Communication Review
Reducing Internet Latency: A Survey of Techniques and their Merits [pre-print] Briscoe, B. Brunstrom, A. Petlund, A. Hayes, D. Ros, D. Tsang, I. Gjessing, S. Fairhurst, G. Griwodz, C. Welzl, M. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials [without internal hyperlinks]

Conference papers

Title Author(s) Venue
Alternative Backoff: Achieving Low Latency and High Throughput with ECN and AQM Khademi, N Armitage, G. Welzl, M. Zander, S. Fairhurst, G. Ros, D. IFIP Networking 2017 (Best paper award)
Internet Latency: Causes, Solutions and Trade-offs Hayes, D. Tsang, I. Ros, D. Petlund, A. Briscoe, B. EUCNC 2015
Evaluation of Priority Scheduling and Flow Starvation for Thin Streams with FQ-CoDel Grigorescu, E. Kulatunga, C. Kuhn, N. Fairhurst, G. EUCNC 2015
Coupled Congestion Control for WebRTC Islam, S. Welzl, M. Gjessing, S. EUCNC 2015
Tackling Bufferbloat in capacity-limited networks Kuhn, N. Kulatunga, C. Fairhurst, G. EUCNC 2015
Reducing Transport Latency using Multi-path Protocols Hurtig, P. Alay, O. Ferlin, S. Yedugundla, K. EUCNC 2015
Evaluating the Performance of Next Generation Web Access via Satellite Secchi, R. Mohideen, A. Fairhurst, G. WISATS 2015
Latency and Fairness Trade-Off for Thin Streams using Redundant Data Bundling in TCP Opstad B. R., Markussen J., Ahmed I., Petlund A., Griwodz C., and Halvorsen P. 40th IEEE LCN
Analysing User Satisfaction in Next Generation Networks for Multimedia Multicast Transmission Ahmed, I. Petlund, A. QoMEX 2015
Tackling Bufferbloat in Capacity-limited Networks Kuhn, N. Kulatunge, C. Fairhurst, G. Ros, D. EUCNC 2015
Analyzing the impact of bufferbloat on latency-sensitive applications Iya, N. Kuhn, N. Verdicchio, F. Fairhurst, G. IEEE ICC 2015
How much delay is there really in current games? Raaen, K. Petlund, A. MMSys 2015
Enabling Internet-Wide Deployment of Explicit Congestion Notification Trammell, B. Kühlewind, M. Boppart, D. Learmonth, I. Fairhurst, G. Scheffenegger, R. Passive and Active Measurement Conference 2015
Using Data Center TCP (DCTCP) in the Internet Kühlewind, M. Wagner, D.P. Espinosa, J.M. Briscoe, B. Globecom Workshop on Telecommunication Standards
The New AQM Kids on the Block:
An Experimental Evaluation of CoDel and PIE
Khademi, N. Ros, D. Welzl, M. IEEE INFOCOM GI 2017 (Global Internet Symposium)
Revisiting Old Friends: Is CoDel Really Achieving What RED Cannot? Kuhn, N. Lochin, E. Mehani, O. Workshop on Capacity Sharing (CSWS´14)
DAPS: Intelligent Delay-Aware Packet Scheduling For Multipath Transport Kuhn, N. Lochin, E. Mifdaoui, A. Sarwar, G. Mehani, O. Boreli, R. IEEE International Conference on Communications
On the existence of optimal LEDBAT parameters Kuhn, N. Trang, S. Lochin, E. Baudoin, C. Dubois, E. Gelard, P. IEEE International Conference on Communications
Analysis of SR ARQ Delays Using Data-bundling over Markov Channels Ahmed, I. Badia, L. Petlund, A. Griwodz, C. Halvorsen, P. The Nineteenth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (IEEE ISCC)
Practical Passive Shared Bottleneck Detection Using Shape Summary Statistics Hayes, D. Ferlin-Oliveira, S. Welzl, M. The 39th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN) 2014
Experimental Evaluation of Multipath TCP Schedulers Paasch, C. Ferlin-Oliveira, S. Alay, Ö. Bonaventure, O. Workshop on Capacity Sharing (CSWS´14)
A Measurement Based Study of TCP Protocol Efficiency in Cellular Networks Garcia, J. Alfredsson, S. Brunstrom, A. Networking 2014
Performance Evaluation of Congestion Window Validation for DASH Transport Nazir, S. Hossain, Z. Secchi, R. Broadbent, M. Petlund, A. Fairhurst, G. NOSSDAV March 2014 Singapore
Can SPDY Really Make the Web Faster? Elkhatib, Y. Tyson, G. Welzl, M. Networking 2014
Coupled congestion control for RTP media Islam, S. Welzl, M. Gjessing, S. Khademi, N. Workshop on Capacity Sharing (CSWS´14)
Impact of TCP Congestion Control on Bufferbloat in Cellular Networks Alfredsson, S. Del Giudice, G. Garcia, J. Brunstrom, A. De Cicco, L. Mascolo, S. The Fourteenth International Symposium on aWorld of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks
Congestion-­Aware Scalable Video Streaming Fairhurst, G. Nuruddeen, I. Verdicchio, F. Workshop on Capacity Sharing (CSWS’13)
Evaluation of the Impact of Packet Drops due to AQM in Capacity Limited Paths Fairhurst, G. Grigorescu, E. Kulatunga, C. Workshop on Capacity Sharing (CSWS’13)
Enhancing TCP to Support Rate-Limited Traffic Fairhurst, G. Secchi, R. Sathiaseelan, A. Workshop on Capacity Sharing (CSWS’12)
Observations of Bufferbloat in Swedish Cellular Networks Alfredsson, S. Del Giudice, G. Garcia, J. Brunstrom, A. De Cicco, L. Mascolo, S. The 9th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop (SNCNW 2013)
One Control to Rule Them All: Coupled Congestion Control for RTP Media Islam, S. Welzl, M. Gjessing, S. Packet Video Workshop 2013

Position papers

Title Author(s) Venue
Ossification: a result of not even trying? Welzl, M. Fairhurst, G. Ros, D. IAB SEMI Workshop
Tunneling Through Inner Space Briscoe, B. IAB SEMI Workshop
A Survey of Latency Reducing Techniques and their Merits Briscoe, B. Petlund, A. Brunstrom, A. Tsang, I-J. Ros, D. Gjessing, S. Hayes, D. Fairhurst, G. Internet Society Workshop on Reducing Internet Latency
On the Treatment of Application-Limited Streams Petlund, A. Brunstrom, A. Markussen, J. Fuchs, M. Internet Society Workshop on Reducing Internet Latency
Delay-based Congestion Control for Low Latency Ros, D. Hayes, D. Internet Society Workshop on Reducing Internet Latency
ECN & Early ECN Marking Welzl, M. Fairhurst, G. Khademi, N. Internet Society Workshop on Reducing Internet Latency


Title Author(s) Venue
Reducing Internet Transport Latency for Thin Streams and Short Flows Brunstrom, A. Petlund, A. Rajiullah, M. Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013

Technical reports / work in progress

Title Author(s) Venue
What Use is Top Speed without Acceleration? Briscoe, B. Rajiullah, M. Brunstrom, A. Petlund, A.  
Latency considerations for thin-stream Congestion Control B.R. Opstad, J. Markussen  
Insights from Curvy Random Early Detection (RED) Briscoe, B.  
Scaling TCP’s Congestion Window for Small Round Trip Times Briscoe, B. De Schepper, K.  
The New AQM Kids on the Block: Much Ado About Nothing? Khademi, N. Ros, D. Welzl, M.  
Data Center to the Home’: Ultra-Low Latency for All Koen De Schepper, Olga Bondarenko, Ing-Jyh Tsang and Bob Briscoe