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RITE talk held at LinuxCon Europe 2015

Per Hurtig and Andreas Petlund presented some of the RITE prototypes that has been implemented in the Linux kernel at Linux Conference Europe 6.10.2015. LinuxCon Europe 2015 had 1484 registered attendees and gathers core competence from the open source community, both developers, businesses and academics.

The slides from the presentation can be found here.

Linux networking, and especially Linux TCP has seen a lot of development recently. In RITE, one of the goals is to develop networking technology that enables lower latency transport available to the public and industry, and Linux is at the centre of this focus. Prototypes implemented in the Linux kernel includes keeping the congestion window appropriately open for bursty traffic (newCWV), Faster retransmissions for application limited flows (RTO restart and TLP restart), Redundant bundling to avoid retransmissions for thin streams and bringing hybrid delay-based congestion control to the Linux kernel for less queue buildup in bottlenecks.