Rite Integrated Linux Kernel

The RITE project has prepared a Linux kernel with end-host mechanisms developed in the project integrated.

The mechanisms provided with the kernel are:

  • New CWV
  • RTO Restart
  • TLP Restart
  • Redundant Data Bundling (RDB)
  • Alternative Backoff for ECN (ABE)

The patch set also contains a tuning option for experimenting with different sizes for the TCP initial window upon restart (after loss).

To build the kernel, apply the patches to a 3.18.5 Linux kernel. Alternatively, unpack the .zip file on an Ubuntu machine and run the script buildkernel.sh with sudo permissions. This will download a 3.18.5 kernel source from kernel.org, apply the patches, build the kernel and install it.

Download the patch set here: rite-integrated-kernel