RITE project jointly organises Workshop on Reducing Internet Latency

The Workshop on Reducing Internet Latency will take place 25-26 Sep 2013 in London. The Reducing Internet Transport Latency (RITE) project jointly organised the workshop with the Internet Society (ISOC). The workshop aims to identify where coordinated industry action is necessary to reduce latency.

Attendance is by invitation, based on acceptance of a short position paper. Five RITE participants have been invited to attend from BT, Karlstad University, the University of Aberdeen, Institut Mines Telecom and the University of Oslo.

The position papers from RITE partners that were accepted are:
* A Survey of Latency Reducing Techniques and their Merits
* On the Treatment of Application-Limited Streams
* Delay-based Congestion Control for Low Latency
* ECN & Early ECN Marking

Details of the invitation-only workshop are available at, where a full report will be posted afterwards.

Co-organisers of the workshop, Bob Briscoe (BT and RITE project) and Mat Ford (ISOC)