IETF / Meetings

RITE at IETF-86 in Orlando, USA, March 10-15 2013

RITE was strongly represented at the Orlando IETF, by Gorry Fairhurst (Univ. Aberdeen), Bob Briscoe and Phil Eardley (BT), Michael Welzl and Stein Gjessing (UiO), David Ros (Telecom Bretagne) and Anna Brunström (Karlstad University). RITE partners held internal meetings on Sunday and Thursday evening, discussing technical details related to their ongoing work as well as planning ahead for the April meeting in London. A lunch meeting was held with representatives from the LEONE project to discuss whether and how RITE could make use of the measurement platform provided by LEONE.

Orlando-Florida-SkylineActivities in the IETF include an Internet-draft by Gorry Fairhurst and Bob Briscoe which should update RFC 3819. This work was presented in the meeting of the Internet Congestion Control Research Group (ICCRG) – a group which is chaired by David Ros and Michael Welzl. Michael Welzl presented RITE work – an Internet-draft on coupled congestion control for RTP media – in the meeting of the RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques (RMCAT) group. This work aims at reducing latency by reducing the number of end-to-end flows that individually probe for available bandwidth. At this meeting, no update was presented on the RTO-Restart mechanism (Karlstad University, Simula and UiO), which was recently approved as a Working Group item. This draft was, however, discussed with IETF representatives in hallway discussions.ow RITE could make use of the measurement platform provided by LEONE.

Active Queue Management (AQM), a core activity of RITE, was a major topic at the Orlando IETF. Several presentations in ICCRG were dedicated to this topic, giving RITE participants important information about the CoDel and PIE mechanisms that they are already studying. An invitation-only lunch meeting dedicated to AQM was organized by the Internet Society (ISOC), and several RITE representatives participated. It seems very probably that a Working Group dedicated to AQM will be formed, and this will then definitely become a key target for many of the standards coming out of RITE. Bob Briscoe also arranged a dinner meeting with the same ISOC representatives to investigate the possibility of jointly organizing a workshop on latency reduction. Such a workshop would be a high-visibility dissemination activity for RITE.