Partners in RITE are:

simula_logo Simula Research Laboratory AS, Norway. Dr. Andreas Petlund
Project Coordinator
BT_logo British Telecommunications Ltd, UK. Dr. Bob Briscoe rbriscoe_gy_lo
Alcatel-Lucent_logo Alcatel-Lucent BELL NV, Belgium. Koen De Schepper koen_ALU
uio_logo Universitetet i Oslo, Norway Dr. Michael Welzl Michael_UiO
kau_logo Karlstads Universitet, Sweden Dr. Anna Brunstrom anna_kau
228_get_bretagn Institut Mines-Telecom / Télécom Bretagne, France Dr. Nicolas Kuhn Nicolas Kuhn
University_of_Aberdeen_logoHQ The university Court of the University of Aberdeen, UK Dr. Gorry Fairhurst Fairhurst_UoA
images Megapop Games AS, Norway Christian Tellefsen christian

The project is supported by a scientific advisory board consisting of some of the leading international researchers on the topic of Internet latency:

banner_caia CAIA (Australia) Grenville Armitage garmitage_CAIA2
logo_caida_medium CAIDA (US) Kim “kc” Claffy kc_kim_CAIDA
netapp-inc-logo NetApp (Germany) Lars Eggert lars_Netapps
BellLabsLogo Bell Labs (US) Jim Gettys Jim_Gettys_BellLabs
ISOC Internet Society (ISOC) Mat Ford

2 thoughts on “Partners

  1. We would be available to support and cooperate with your project!

    As lag can be caused by tons of reason, lag caused from increased latency (delay of sent and received data packages) caused at server-side or ISP (incl. gateways and nodes) covers only 2 ends of the possible 3 ends. As long as the user or player side (end 3) is not covered, the success will be very limited!

    Take a look at this article explaining lag caused by latency issues:

    In order to assure FULL lag reduction via reduced internet latency the hole process circle needs to be closed! Currently there are only 2 ways for lag reduction caused by latency:

    1. Have your end under control (“Latency Optimizer” Software can assist:

    2. Use a tunnel or game proxy service to optimize gateway or nodes issues.

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